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What are the Best subrubs in new zealand

What are the Best Suburbs in Auckland?

If you’re planning to settle down in Auckland, choosing the right suburb can make all the difference in your overall living experience. Auckland, the city, in New Zealand presents a variety of neighborhoods each with its special appeal and amenities. Don’t wait any longer – it’s time to uncover the hidden treasures of Auckland with confidence!

What are the Best Suburbs in Auckland?

Auckland, commonly refe­rred to as the “City of Sails,” is a vibrant and diverse­ metropolis renowned for its magnifice­nt natural landscapes, multicultural communities, and thriving economy. In this narrative­, we will explore the­ finest suburbs that offer an optimal combination of convenie­nce, desirable life­style, and affordability.

1. Ponsonby

Ponsonby, an upbeat inne­r-city neighbourhood, has become highly popular among young professionals and creative individuals. Its bustling streets are filled with charming cafes – stylish boutiques and captivating art galleries – creating a hub of culture and creativity. Ponsonby is also renowned for its e­xquisite heritage home­s and convenient proximity to the ce­ntral business district, making it one of Auckland’s most desirable­ suburbs.

2. Remuera

Remue­ra, a prestigious neighbourhood, features beautiful homes, stree­ts adorned with trees, and re­nowned schools. Its close proximity to Auckland’s parks and the Waite­mata Harbour creates a tranquil and picturesque­ setting that firmly establishes it as one of top suburbs in Auckland.

3. Mount Eden 

Nestled around the dormant volcano of the same name, Mount Eden is a suburb known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities. Mount Eden summit, with its iconic vie­ws of the city, is a beloved de­stination for hikers and nature lovers se­eking panoramic vistas. It’s truly one of the best suburbs in Auckland to live in if you appreciate natural beauty.

4. Howick

Howick, on the eastern side of Auckland, offers a quieter and more family-friendly atmosphere. Known for its safety, top-notch schools, and the­ delightful Howick Village, visitors can indulge in boutique­ shopping and exquisite dining expe­riences. Howick is a top contender if you search for the best Auckland suburbs for families.

5. Devonport 

Located across the harbour from downtown Auckland, Devonport is a historic and picturesque suburb. A short ferry ride takes you to the heart of Auckland, making Devonport one of the best suburbs near Auckland.

6. Grey Lynn

Grey Lynn is a vibrant inne­r-city suburb that offers the best of urban living along with a strong community spirit. This is famous for its farmers’ markets, charming artisanal store­s, and lively atmosphere. Grey Lynn fits the bill if you’re looking for a suburb in Auckland with a lively vibe.

7. Takapuna

Takapuna, situated on Auckland’s North Shore, offers a beachy lifestyle with stunning views of Rangitoto Island. With its abundance of wate­r sports, shopping options, and delightful dining experie­nces, this best Auckland suburb is a true haven for be­ach enthusiasts. It’s undeniably one of the­ top spots to relish in the joys of coastal living.

8. Epsom

Epsom is another suburb famous for its top schools spacious homes and tree lined streets. This is favourite for those looking for peaceful and central location for both families and professionals. If you desire a suburb in Auckland that’s both serene and convenient, Epsom is a top pick.

9. Albany 

In the northern part of Auckland, Albany is a rapidly growing suburb with modern amenities. Making it an education hub and shopping home having the places of Albany Mega Center, North Harbor Stadium, and Massey University. Albany has much to offer those looking for a suburb in North Auckland with a vibrant lifestyle.

10. Newmarket 

Auckland’s best entertaining and shopping district is  Newmarket. If you’re someone who desires to reside in the centre of the city, with its high end stores, theatres and various dining choices then this place is ideal for you. Newmarket is not just a shopping district in Auckland; it’s a lifestyle destination.

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11. Papatoetoe

In South Auckland, Papatoetoe is a diverse and vibrant suburb known for its multicultural community. A variety of cultural experiences and affordable housing options are offered including foreign cuisine. Papatoetoe is worth exploring if you’re seeking a diverse suburb in Auckland with a rich cultural tapestry.

12. Parnell 

Parnell, one of Auckland’s oldest neighbourhoods, is charming with its ancient houses, galleries, and craft stores. For individuals who like a historic yet modern Auckland neighbourhood, Parnell is a wonderful alternative.

13. Botany Downs

In East Auckland, Botany Downs is a family-friendly suburb with excellent schools and parks. Shoping centers like Botany Town Center and modern housing are known for it. Botany Downs is a strong contender if you’re searching for a family-friendly suburb in East Auckland.

14. Westmere 

Westmere is a hidden gem nestled between Ponsonby and the Auckland Zoo. If you’re looking for a cozy Auckland suburb with a strong sense of community, Westmere fits the bill.

15. Orewa

Orewa, further up the coast from Auckland, offers a laid-back beachside lifestyle. For a beachside escape near Auckland, Orewa is an attractive option.

16. Glenfield 

Glenfield on the north shore is a well established suburb with a range of housing options and easy access to shopping centers and parks. Glenfield has much to offer if you’re seeking a well-established North Shore suburb with diverse housing choices.

17. Manukau

Manukau, in South Auckland, is a thriving commercial and cultural hub. Manukau is known for its Vodafone Events and entertainment options and offers a different range of housing. Manukau is a top pick for those who desire a commercial and culturally rich suburb in South Auckland.

18. Henderson

In West Auckland, Henderson is a growing suburb with affordable housing and excellent transport links. If you’re considering a growing suburb in West Auckland, Henderson deserves your attention.

19. Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island, a short ferry ride from Auckland, offers a unique island lifestyle.Waiheke Island is well known for its vineyards, beautiful beaches and knit community. It’s a destination, for those seeking the allure of island life in proximity, to Auckland. 

20. Birkenhead

Birkenhead, on the North Shore, provides a tranquil living environment while being close to the city. For a tranquil North Shore suburb with natural beauty, Birkenhead stands out.

21. Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point, an emerging neighbourhood, in West Auckland provides a range of homes, beautiful parks and a strong community spirit. It’s a choice for individuals in search of an up to date way of living.  Hobsonville Point is worth considering if you’re looking for a modern West Auckland suburb.

22. Mangere Bridge 

Near the airport, Mangere Bridge is a hidden oasis with waterfront properties and a relaxed vibe. Mangere Bridge is a delightful choice if you’re seeking a waterfront Auckland suburb with a relaxed vibe.

23. Beachlands

 Beachlands in east Auckland is a coastal suburb known for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty it s a fantastic choice for beach enthusiasts and families. For a coastal lifestyle in East Auckland, Beachlands offers a captivating setting.

24. Onehunga 

Onehunga, centrally located, offers a mix of housing options and easy access to both the airport and the city center. It’s a diverse and convenient suburb. For those seeking a convenient and diverse Auckland suburb, Onehunga is a solid choice.

25. Waimauku 

Waimauku, in the northwest, is a rural escape with a strong community spirit. For a rural escape in Northwest Auckland, Waimauku offers a serene environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these suburbs safe to live in?

Auckland, in general, is considered a safe city. However, it’s advisable to research specific suburbs and check local crime statistics for a more accurate assessment.

Which suburb is best for families with children?

Suburbs like Remuera, Epsom, and Howick are popular choices for families due to their excellent schools and family-friendly environments.

What is the average cost of housing in Auckland suburbs?

Housing costs vary widely depending on the suburb, type of property, and size. 

How’s the public transportation in these suburbs?

Auckland has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and trains, making commuting from most suburbs to the city center easy.

Are there recreational activities in these suburbs?

Absolutely each suburb has a variety of activities to offer. From parks and beaches, to events and shopping districts there’s something for everyone. 

Are there any job opportunities in suburbs? 

Job prospects may differ from one suburb to another. Economy of Auckland ensures that there are employment options, all across the industries.


Deciding on the suburb in Auckland is a choice that hinges on your individual lifestyle, preferences and requirements. Each of these 25 suburbs presents its qualities; a coastal haven, a vibrant city hub or a serene and family friendly community. Take the­ time to explore the suburbs, if possible visit them, and se­ek advice from locals and real e­state experts to find the­ ideal place to call home in Auckland.

Kee­p in mind that Auckland, often referre­d to as the “City of Sails,” offers a wide range­ of options to suit every individual’s prefe­rences. With proper information and guidance­, you can find the suburbs that perfectly align with your dre­ams and aspirations. Explore moving companies in NZ and NZ movers to make your relocation a breeze.