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How to use plastic wrap when moving

How to use Plastic Wrap When Moving?

Moving can be an exciting stage in life, but it’s also often a source of stress and anxiety. Packing and protecting your belongings can be an awful task, and surely you want your belongings to arrive at your new location without damaged or disorganized items. That’s where plastic wrap is needed during a move. In this article, we’ll discuss the many ways you can use plastic wrap to simplify and streamline your movement. 

Why is Plastic Wrap important when moving? 

Plastic wrap also known as Stretch wrap is important for several reasons: 

  • It is important to protect your possessions from damage whether it’s heavy things like furniture, fragile or electronic items, use shrink wrap to protect fabric furniture. 
  • It acts as a protective layer from dust and dirt that can help to keep your items clean. 
  • It allows you to bundle loose items, label boxes, and easily identify the contents of your packages.  
  • Plastic wrap is a flexible tool that can make packing and unpacking more efficient. 
  • Plastic wrap is an affordable and readily available material. It offers a cost-effective solution for protecting belongings. 

How Do I Use Plastic Wrap for Moving? 

Plastic wrap is an effective and practical way to wrap your items to make your move easier for the material you need are plastic wrap, Boxes and packing supplies and in some cases, tape can also be used. To use plastic wrap for packing following steps should followed: 

  • Disassemble and Prepare Your Furniture 
  • Wrap Individual Pieces 
  • Wrap Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses 
  • Protect Fragile Items 
  • Bundle Loose Items 
  • Secure Boxes with Plastic Wrap 
  • Create “Windows” for Labeling 
  • Protect Floors and Carpets 
  • Wrap Your Furniture Pads if you are using 

Using plastic wrap in these ways can help you protect your items and make your moving process more organized and efficient.

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Types of Plastic Wrap you can use  

There are many types of Plastic wrap you can use, some important of them are: 

  • Food Wrap (Cling Film) 

Food Wrap is commonly used to keep food fresh in Refrigerators and to cover leftover food. It is thin and transparent plastic used to protect food. 

  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Wrap 

Heavy-duty plastic wrap is a thicker and stronger type of standard food wrap. It is often used for wrapping food items that may have sharp edges or for heavier-duty applications like sealing dishes for transport or marinating meats. 

  • Stretch Wrap (Stretch Film)

Stretch Wrap is also known as pallet wrap. It is commonly used in warehouses and logistics for keeping items on pallets securely in place during transportation. 

  • Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a type of plastic film that shrinks and holds tightly to the shape of an object when heat is applied. It’s commonly used for packaging products and tamper-evident seals. 

  • Plastic Wrap for Moving

Plastic wrap specifically designed for moving and packing is more durable than standard food wrap. It’s used for shield furniture, large items, and fragile objects during a move. 

  • Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Plastic Wrap 

Some manufacturers produce biodegradable and eco-friendly plastic wrap as environmental concerns grow. This type is designed to break down more easily in the environment compared to traditional plastic wrap. 

Size of Plastic Wrap You Need for Move 

  • To determine the size of Plastic wrap you need to consider the length and width. The standard wrap rolls are 1000’ to 1500’ that is sufficient to move small or medium size homes, 2000’ rolls are recommended to move large property or offices. 
  • The standard width size of wrap rolls is 5-22 inches, and the commonly used size is 18 inches. 

Difference between Shrink wrap VS Stretch Wrap 

Shrink wrap and stretch wrap are both packaging materials used for various purposes, and both are known as plastic wraps, but they have different properties and serve different functions. 

Shrink wrap is used to tightly wrap and seal individual items or products with heat, while stretch wrap is primarily used for bundling and securing loads on pallets without the need for heat.  

Cost of Plastic Wrap  

The price may vary based on the brand type (Standard, stretch, Shrink and more) and the quantity of the rolls. It may range from $5 to $50 per roll depending upon the type of wrap. The cost can be different from one region to another. 

Where can I Purchase Plastic Wrap? 

You can get Plastic Wrap in a variety of online stores, retail stores, Supermarkets, Kitchenware and homeware Stores, Office supply stores, Wholesale and packaging suppliers and more. 


By incorporating plastic wrap into your moving strategy, you can ensure your belongings remain safe, organized, and in excellent condition. Whether you’re protecting furniture, securing boxed items, or bundling loose objects, plastic wrap is a flexible tool that can make your move a smoother and more pleasant experience. So, as you start on your next step, remember that a roll of plastic wrap can be your best moving partner.